Christmas eve dinner was a success

This year, we decided to host the Christmas eve dinner at Grace's house. Like always, there was uncertainty as to who would host the dinner. We couldn't decide at first because we weren't sure if Chrom's mother could get a day-pass out of Surrey Memorial Hospital to spend Christmas eve at one of her kids homes. To make matters worse, that week was the worst snow storm we have seen in British Columbia with the last one from 10 years ago. We had over 30cm of snow dumped on us and felt like a blizzard. We found out at the last minute (Dec 23) that they would allow Chrom's mother out of the hospital but had to be back by 9pm, so we had to rush to prepare the dinner. Grace had already purchase a lot of the incredients for the dinner in anticipation of hosting the dinner, so it was all set. Chrom lived in a culdesac on a hill so access to his house was difficult, especially since the city never clears the streets in culdesacs. This made dinner preparation the much harder because Chrom spent most of the day clearing not only his driveway but also the street that led to his driveway. What a mess but it was going to be an unforgetable Christmas for sure.

You must be anxious to know what we had for dinner. We had a 5kg turkey for the main course; chicken drumsticks with italian sausage stuffings; aroskaldo (congee with bone-in chicken cutlets), pansit (noodle), suman (sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf), and many other Filipino favorites. Others also brought some dishes of their own and we had a fiesta. I'll post some pictures online soon.

We ate dinner early, openned our gifts for the kids. This year, in order to save money, we opted for a $10 maximum gift per family to be used to exchange gifts. We didn't need to buy all the adults gifts, especially with the economic hardships we will be seeing in 2009. Chrom's mother wore the Santa hat, called out the names on each present under the tree, and distribute the gifts. We had a blast. Hope you and your family did too this Christmas 2008.