Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday Party for Kyle

We celebrated Grace's kid Kyle's 1st birthday party by cooking up a storm. I thought it was a success. There were a lot of kids running around and they specially enjoyed the Bouncy Castle we borrowed from Patrick and Lawrence. We ordered Lechon from the restaurant at Fraser in Vancouver but everything else was cooked by Grace, Ava, Rowena, and Matet. We had pansit, beef calderetta, baked salmon, spring rolls, leche flan, puto, and many other Filipino favorites. Gabriel and Raul especially liked the lechon because it was hard to avoid it as it almost filled the entire table.

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curtis03 Lewis said...

Woah! I can literally drool over the table. Everything looks so delicious here. My birthday is around the corner and I have picked one of the Chicago event venues for the birthday celebration. I need to have a table like this at the venue. It is tempting and I am sure would have been delicious too.