Halo-halo anyone?

Grace recently perfected halo-halo mix and have been serving it for
family and friends. Erica and Julia said it was much better than the
ones served at Goldilocks or anywhere else they've been to. Grace
bought one of those ice crushers and we had all the standard
incredients plus more, including pearls (which Aline thought were
blueberries), sweet potato cubes, yam cubes, melted brown sugar,
gulaman, and diced honey dew. Mmmm. It was perfect during this hot
summer and everyone at Nang's despedida party couldn't get enough of
it. Florence and Aline were fighting over the last drops of the melted
brown sugar. Ate Feli was late that night so she didn't have any but
the very next morning, she came back before she started her shift just
to have a taste of Grace's halo -halo.

Wish there was more summer left but rain outside says its over. I
refuse to switch on the furnace heat just yet.

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