2010 New Year's eve food spread

Another year has passed and for New Year 2010, it was hosted at the Amin home. Grace made sure it was again a perfect spread, single-handedly taking care of the main dishes.

It was a pot-luck style dinner where everyone brought their favorite dish. Just like last year, Chromilo took care of making sure the turkey was perfect. We kept it in the oven for just the right amount of time, wrapping it in foil all the time until 30 minutes to completion. We made sure to cover it up in the turkey pot to keep meat moist until we were ready to carve it up.

Weng brought with her some Korean-style noodles and helped with the Lumpia (crepe with diced meat/vegetables wrapped in lettuce). She also worked on making the gravy from the juice excreted by the turkey.

Matet helped deep-fry the spring rolls (rice-wrap with minced meat and vegetables). Emerald and Philip pounded the potatoes to a pulp for the mash potatoes. The beef spare ribs were cooked just right in the slow cooker while everything was going on. Everyone helped out.

Ninang Mae and Kuya Ed brought over some of their pizza from 2by1 Pizzaria, and Ate Feli cooked up her favorite. I don't quite remember everything that everyone brought for pot-luck but Grace definitely took care to ensure everyone had enough to eat in case they all brought dessert. I would say everyone enjoyed their meals. I'll post some of the photos here as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy New Year.