Dinner Spread After a Fun Day at a U-Pick Berry Farm

Nothing beats having a good meal and a game of poker after a
fun-filled day u-picking at the Krause Berry Farm in Langley. It was also my brother and Weng's wedding anniversary so a celebration was important to have. Weng,
Grace, Ruby, and my mom helped prepare that night's dinner spread.
Here are some of the delicious Filipino delicasies served that day:

Diningding - vegatables dish cooked with Bagoong;

Dinakdakan - grilled pork skin with mayo and spices;

Paa ng Manok (adidas) - braised chicken feet;

Barbequed sockeye salmon - fill the belly with spices you like and
throw it in your bbq.
After dinner, we pulled an all-nighter playing some poker. I believe
Grace won than night.