Appreciation For Lunchbox Meals

I just thought I'd take a note for the record how awesome it is to be
married to a caring, beautiful cook. This morning, I woke up to the
smell of fried string beans and garlic-fried medium-sized shrimps for
my "baon" or brown bag lunchbox. She woke up before 7am in the
morning, every morning, to do this. You must know just how awesome
that feels. There is much love and care and thought put into the
preparation of my baon (or lunch-box) that I just had to share. She's
very quick at it too. It stresses me out on weekends having to come up
with meals that the kids will eat so I know this isn't easy.

Just wanted to say 'Thank You'.

If you are interested in some lunchbox ideas, please comment here.