Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Was Sobrang Luto (Fixed)

Twelve rounds of boxing this past weekend resulted in a disappointing loss for our beloved PacMan. Everyone in the room was devastated and immediately shouted out that it was "lutong luto" which literally means it was a fully cooked fight. They even had the date for the rematch scheduled on November 10th this year!

Not everything was lost, however because the following pay-per-view dishes were all deliciously prepared and fully cooked:

- grilled whole tilapia;
- grilled giant squid;
- ginisang Mongo (stewed Mung Bean Soup);
- baked talong (eggplant) with diced tomatoes and bagoong; etc.

It was a great spread. Although the results from the past weekend has tainted my view of the boxing world, I still look forward to these sporting events even if it's just for the fully cooked entrees.