Main Entrees to Serve at a Toddler's Birthday Party

You really only need to feed the parents for a toddler's birthday party. As for the kids, they are happy with pizza, bread sticks, hotdogs, and cookies. If you don't want to go all out with a traditional lechon or stuffed bird, go with this huge oven-baked salmon. Just sprinkle with salt+pepper and thyme. Healthy choice.

To balance out all this healthy foods, have some sisig for pulutan, or snacks for the beer drinkers. Sisig is made up of pig ears browned in a barbeque and chopped into tiny squares. Mix with diced onions, salt+pepper, etc and you've got yourself a necessary accompaniment to karaoke. However, make sure you let people know what is in sisig first because you just never know, and go easy on the whisky and coke.