A Side Order of Brains from The Walking Dead

Not really but it does look a bit like splattered brain matter, doesn't it? It's actually 'Inihaw na Talong' (broiled eggplant) topped with cooked 'alamang' (shrimp paste) and diced tomatoes. Really tasty if you don't mind it being a little salty. One of my many favorite Filipino dishes when on a budget.

It's not really 'brain' food but the reference comes from me having to stay up late the other night to watch Season3-Episode 8 of the Walking Dead. Great show and almost missed my bus the next morning because my smartphone alarm clock ringtone just didn't cut it. I thought I would try out the Walking Dead ringtone instead to see if it's any better. Who wouldn't wake up instantly to the zombie apocalypse theme song with thoughts of the undead clawing at you and dragging you out of bed, right?

Here is a link to the theme song ringtone. Enjoy!

Listen or download The Walking Dead intro Theme for free on Prostopleer