Hot Pot Makes Any Meal a Social Event

If you are looking to host a quick and painless dinner party then go with hot pot. It's easy to set up, clean up, and a lot of fun to have because it gets everyone involved, and allows for small talk while waiting for food to cook.

You'll need the following hardware:
- Hot pot cooker ($40+ from T&T);
- Propane gas ($5 for a 4-pack);
- Chopsticks.

You can serve a variety of foods including:
- Ready-made specifically for hot pot like shrimp or fish paste balls. T&T has a lot of these;
- Chicken or beef soup stock. Make sure your broth has a lot of water because you'll find that the water evaporates quickly;
- Seafood like shrimps and mussels.
- Mushrooms. Cut these in halves or quarters. The Shiitake mushroom sprouts are very popular;
- Greens, like spinach, radish, or lettuce. These cook very quickly so don't let it soak too long.
- Hot sauce.

That's it. Great for 4-6 guests or the maximum number of people you can fit seated around your dinner table.