Thanksgiving Spread for the Budget Savvy Cooks

This year the the theme is on going small by having smaller gatherings in order to keep down amount of effort and keep more money in our wallets when preparing a thanksgiving feast. It’s easy to do when you have some time to plan for it. Starting with the main course, get a small butterball turkey from Safeway. The secret to having a perfect turkey is to brine the bird and thaw it the day before by taking it out of the freezer and into your fridge. At the day of thanksgiving dinner, check the instructions for the number of hours to cook a stuffed or unstuffed turkey. I put in whole lemon, lime, and onions as stuffing. Prep the oven initially at 355 degrees and then reduce to 325 degrees when you put the bird in. Ensure you cover the bird until an hour before so that you get it nice and crispy. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the thigh is at least 180 degrees. Place the cooked bird on plate garnished with kale leaves all over.

For other side dishes, I typically serve coconut shrimps dipped in sweet chili sauce. The bird and shrimp takes care of your protein macros.

For carbs, we have small oven-roasted potatoes with generous sprinkling of garlic bits and parsley.

Mashed potatoes.

Delicata squash, oven baked.

Shrimp pansit. 

These make up the main dishes. We also had Thai shrimp soup for appetizers. Overall this spread can feed 10-12 people easy. There is a lot to be thankful for this year, and my capability to cook for others is one of the many things I’m always very grateful for.